About Lizette

I am a young homeschooling work-from-home mom, author, blogger, internet marketer and avid reader. Cooking is a passion and I wish I had more time to experiment with different tastes and flavors from a wider range of cultures as my “recipes to try” pile is growing by the day (as does my girth).

JR, Me and Debbie

My husband loves his food too, but prefers to stick to the traditional, “safe” meal options and no meal is complete without rice and potatoes. In recent months I managed to get him to open up to variety and I am happy to report great progress in growing his sense of gastronomical adventure.

Wade pretending to help with the braai


My twin boy and girl are now 9 years old and have strange food tastes. My daughter eats most things her dad eats, but she likes to try new things. Except for prawns and mushrooms “Because Daddy doesn’t eat prawns and mushrooms.”

JR, my son, is strange. He drinks gallons of water every day and loves fruit. His favorite food is onions – raw onions. He will never eat more than what he needs to and will even pass up sweets, cakes and junk foods when he’s had just enough. He never overeats and he will never nag for something he cannot have, but he also will NEVER eat spinach or green beans. Soups and stews are also on his avoid like the plague list.

We’d like to welcome you to our virtual dinner table and if you try some of the recipes we share, let us know what you thought.

PS:  I rarely give quantities of ingredients, as I cook from the heart, not from books.








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