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Frozen Spring Strawberry Tart

This must be the most delicious tart I have ever made. Even my husband, who is not a strawberry fan enjoyed it thoroughly. The kids ordered it for their birthday.

Here goes:

1/2 can of your favorite soda, semi-frozen (I used raspberry)

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 tin condensed milk

1 cup fresh cream (whipped)

1 cup strawberries (finely chopped)

Biscuit tart crust

More strawberries to decorate


In a large dish, mix cream with condensed milk. Add lemon juice, soda and strawberries. Mix well and pour into crust. Decorate and freeze overnight. Leave it out for a few minutes before serving. Place left-overs in freezer until use.


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Snacks for a lazy evening

For some reason, nobody was hungry tonight in our house. It’s pretty strange, as we did not eat particularly much today or yesterday for that matter.

But we have to eat and so we decided to make pigs in blankets



Pigs in Blankets

We all love viennas and we all love pastry. I just used some bought puff pastry, cut in strips and rolled around the sausages.

While rolling it up, I remembered that I meant to buy soup vegetables the other day. Finding soup vegetables in our seaside town where it is summer all year round freezing cold at the moment, is nearly impossible. But I want my mom’s hearty vegetable soup with vetkoek (Afrikaans for “fat cakes” – I will remember to share the recipe with you).

Instead we had some mini-quiche, fish snacks and bhajia.

Bhajia are Indian puffs – one could call them potato fritters. Have I told you that I love love love Indian food? Well, stay tuned and you will find out all about it!

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Pear Caramel Fridge Tart

pear caramel

Pear Caramel Tart

This Pear Caramel Fridge Tart is an old favorite which my mom has taught me years ago.

It is cold and sweet and sinfully delicious. Ready in an hour, it is perfect to prepare at the last-minute when you go visit family and you have to take something with.

This is what you need:

1 packet of ginger snaps

1 tin of pears (drained of half the liquid and finely chopped

1 packet instant milk pudding (caramel) mixed per instructions

1 tub of cream (whipped)

This is what you do:

1.  Arrange the ginger snaps in a tart dish. You can drizzle a little brandy or sherry over the biscuits, optionally.

2.  Arrange the pears over the biscuits and drizzle the remaining liquid over it.

3.  Pour the instant pudding over the biscuits and pear base.

4.  Pour whipped cream over the pudding and sprinkle with biscuit crumbles as decoration.

5.  Let the tart set in the fridge for an hour before serving.

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